Reasonable Rates for Quality Services

  • We charge by 15-minute increments after the first two hours
  • Time starts when we arrive at the pickup location
  • Time ends when the truck is unloaded at the final location
  • Double-drive time is the driving time between pickup and delivery locations that is doubled when the distance is more than 5 miles (as required by the California Public Utilties Commision)
  • Total time = loading time + double-drive time + unloading time
  • Total cost = $50 travel fee + $hourly rate x time
  • No hidden charges
  • We do not charge overtime fees
  • No extra fees for stairs or long carry
  • No extra fees for furniture disassembly and reassembly
  • No extra fee for the use of moving blankets and wardrobe boxes
  • No extra fee for the use of shrink-wrap and tape +5% with card payment
  • We do not accept any checks
  • Tips are not included nor required, but are highly appreciated
How do we provide such quality moving services at low rates? We’re an owner-operated business with low overhead. We’ve been professionals in the moving industry for years, so we’ve seen what a lot of best practices from various companies and we’ve worked out an extremely efficient process. In addition, we don’t waste time or mess around on the job, which goes a long way towards making sure everything is moving as efficiently as possible.

How Insurance Works

At San Bernardino Moving Company, we’re proud to be a fully licensed and insured moving company because we believe it goes a long way towards giving our customers peace of mind.
We’re happy to provide a certificate of insurance for residential and office buildings for a basic fee of $40. This special certificate must be requested at least 24 hours prior to the moving date to allow us time to prepare it. If fewer than 24 hours is given, the fee for expedited service is $60.
We’re happy to offer cargo insurance at no extra charge, which covers your belongings while they are in our truck for up to $20,000.
We always do our best to make sure our customers are fully happy with our moving services and because of our care and attention to detail, damages are rare. However, in the event that damages may occur due to the nature of the business, we always try our best to find an acceptable solution for our customers. In some cases, these solutions may save a great deal of time and hassle, and may even help avoid insurance claims.
Pretty much any experience mover will have broken at least something in the course of their professional career, but what distinguishes a good mover is not running away from the problem when it happens.
Your choices of valuation coverage is as follows: